Opportunities for Students

Student Participation in the IHR Clinic

Students at the University of Chicago Law School in their second and third year may register for participation in the IHR Clinic at the beginning of each new quarter, during the normal course registration period. Students may take the clinic as a one, two or three credit course for one or more quarters, though some projects require a two or three credit, multiple-quarter commitment.

International Human Rights Law and Advocacy Seminar

IHR Clinic faculty offer a seminar each fall titled "International Human Rights Law and Advocacy." The seminar considers major issues in international human rights law and advocacy and is open to second and third year students at the University of Chicago Law School. It is designed to introduce students to the promotion and protection of human rights through context-driven advocacy mechanisms and strategies. The seminar will provide an introduction to the history of human rights principles and movements, the development of international human rights norms, and an overview of the international, regional and national institutions that develop, interpret and enforce these norms.

The remainder of the seminar will evaluate human rights advocacy tools and strategies applied in various political, social and economic contexts. Through case studies and simulated human rights research and advocacy projects, students will develop the skills to conduct international human rights work, including: performing situational assessments; designing and executing field-work and fact-gathering; report writing; interviewing witnesses and victims of abuses; assessing various litigation and non-litigation strategies; conducting effective legal research using diverse sources; developing cross-cultural and context-driven analysis and advocacy skills; and learning to effectively and realistically evaluate achievements and challenges. Class discussions and readings will expose students to critical perspectives on the international human rights regime, as well as current research methodologies and technologies used to monitor and promote human rights. 

For more informatin, contact Molly Blondell blondellm@uchicago.edu.

Additional Opportunities for Students

Summer Internships in the IHR Clinic

Students at the University of Chicago Law School may apply for a summer internship in the IHR Clinic. Student interns will work for a total of ten weeks on a variety of projects under the supervision of IHR Clinic teaching staff. Students who work in the IHR Clinic over the summer are treated as returning clinic students in the fall and may continue with their clinic work during the following academic year. Interviews will be conducted between February 4 and February 15, and the first round of offers will be made before the end of the Winter Quarter.

Interested students can learn more here: http://www.law.uchicago.edu/news/kane-center-clinics-hiring-summer-2013.

International Human Rights Summer Internship Program

Through the International Human Rights Summer Internship Program (IHR Summer Program), the University of Chicago Law School coordinates with international human rights organizations around the world to host JD students for summer fellowships. Students participating in the IHR Summer Program are guaranteed funding through the Law School’s public interest funding program. To be eligible, IHR Summer Program Fellows must commit to at least eight weeks of full-time work with the host organization. In addition, each student participating in the IHR Summer Program receives an international public service travel stipend. In the past, IHR Summer Program Fellows worked at human rights organizations in more than 15 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe.

To learn more, contact Aican Nguyen at aican@uchicago.edu.

International Immersion Program

The University of Chicago Law School launched the International Immersion Progam (IIP) in February 2012 to provide support to students seeking substantive, immersive international experiences and to help prepare students to enter an increasingly globalized profession. To date, the Law School has funded two student trips to China, one to Belize, and one to Viet Nam. In addition to several seminars on Chinese law, the students who travelled to China met with atorneys at large law firms and major corporations to learn more about legal issues and explore job opportunities in China. The students who traveled to Belize worked with different NGOs in Belize on issues related to disaster relief law, various human rights issues, and land rights. The students who travelled to Viet Nam, in addition to attending an introductory course on Vietnamese law and visits to law firms and NGOs, participated in a workshop with members of the country’s Constitution Revision Committee to discuss proposed constitutional amendments, setting up a constitutional review body, and improving provisions on human rights protection. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the Law School is offering three immersion trips to China, Kenya, and The Hague (The Netherlands).

To learn more, please contact Aican Nguyen at aican@uchicago.edu.

Human Rights Law Society

The Human Rights Law Society (HRLS) is a law school student group at the University of Chicago Law School committed to raising awareness and promoting discussion at the law school about issues related to human rights abroad and in the United States. Among other things, HRLS sponsors human rights speaking events and helps connect students interested in research opportunities with human rights organizations abroad and in the United States.

Students interested in joing HRLS should visit http://www.law.uchicago.edu/studentorgs/hrls.